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 Extending the housing estate sewage system – Stage III (Brochów, Jagodno)

Description of the project: Project “Improvement of water quality in Wrocław” is being completed in the Lower Silesian Region in Wrocław and includes the South-Western part of Wrocław.

The purpose of the project is, among otheras, improving the water quality and sewage system management in this area and adapting it to the standards specified in European Union directives.

Completing the project will enable us to construct and to modernize the sewage system in Wrocław, to deliver the sewage to the sewage treatment plant in Wrocław and to fulfill the 91/271/EEC Directive.


Wrocław District – Pl.Nowy Targ 1/8, 50-141 Wrocław

The following material objects are being completed:

-         Sanitary gravity sewage system made of stoneware pipes, dia.from 150 to 600 mm, about 13.0 km long

-         Rainwater sewage system made of polyester pipes, dia.from 150 to 800 mm, about 4.0 km long

-         Water-pipe network of polyester pipes, dia.from 32 to 325 mm, about 6.0 km long

-         Intermediate sewage pumping ststion

-         Street illuminating system of total 1.0 km cable length with about 113 lighting fittings

-         Restoring the road surface of streets and sidewalks of about 40,000 m2

Streets completed under the project:

Brochów Estate

Streets: Semaforowa, Koreanska (from intersection with ul.Filipinska to intersection with ul.Woskowa), Woskowa, Filipinska, newly-designed street (from ul.Mościckiego to Brochów pumping station), newly-designed street (from ul.Woskowa to ul.Polna)

Jagodno Housing Estate

Ul.Sygnałowa, Dróżnicza, Jagodzinska, Brzozowa, Vivaldiego, Buforowa, Tunelowa, Sarnia, Ekspresowa, Zwrotnicza

Starting : 09.2007

Completed: 10.2009