Redeveloping ul.Wilenska, ul.Topolowa and ul.Pionierów in Wrocław - Realizations - Bickhardt Bau Polska Sp. z o.o. - roads construction company

Redeveloping ul.Wilenska, ul.Topolowa and ul.Pionierów in Wrocław

Completion date: 12 months from the date of contract

Customer: Municipal Road Maintenance Administration, ul.Długa 49, 53-633 Wrocław

The subject of order was as follows:

Completing the necessary road infrastructure together with networks and land management for residents of 6 new residential buildings and 8 service establishments in TBS Wrocław Sp.z o.o. at ul.Wilenskam ul.Topolowa, ul.Pionierów, ul.Syjamska in Wrocław.

The scope of works included:

Building works covering redevelopment of roads including the road surface with the roundabout, sidewalks, road illuminating system, electric power network, telecommunication, water supply, sanitary sewage and dewatering system constructing a playground.




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