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Redeveloping ul.Kuznicza and pl.Uniwersytecki in Wrocław     

Completion date: 18 months from the date of contract

Customer: Municipal Road Maintenance Administration, ul.Długa 49, 53-633 Wrocław

The subject of the order is redeveloping:

-         Ul.Kuznicza over the stretch between ul.Wita Stwosza up to pl.Uniwersytecki together with the stretches of ul.Nożownicza and ul.Kotlarska from the crossing with ul.Szewska to the crossing with ul.Kuźnicza.

-         Pl.Uniwersytecki with its branches to ul.Grodzka and ul,.Szewska

-         Pl.Uniwersytecki over the stretch from ul.Szewska to ul.Więzienna

The scope of works shall include:

-         Replacing the road surface

-         Redeveloping the road dewatering system

-         Redeveloping the road illuminating system

-         Constructing the municipal cable pipeline system

-         Redeveloping electric power, telecommunication and gas networks

-         Developing green belts in the area

      -     Redeveloping water supply and sewage systems

      -     Completing architectural features

After redeveloping ul.Kużnicza and pl.Uniwersytecki will become a promenade where the road traffic will be eliminated, except for the connection with ul.Grodzka. Traffic will also be allowed over the stretch from the crossing with the above connection to ul.Szewska. The stretch excluded from the road traffic will be provided with stone setts. The main purpose of redevelopment is creating an impressive promenade from Rynek to pl.Uniwersytecki to form a consistent complex with the rest of the renovated Old Town. According to the planned project, the existing green places in ul.Kuźnicza between ul.Kotlarska and ul.Nożownicza will be left in the present condition.


Architectural features in the form of round seats and flower beds connected with the existing trees and shrubs will be created. Architectural features and green points will be illuminated with lamps provided with moving, directional light sources. Because of the academic nature of his place, planned redevelopment of ul.Kuznicza and pl.Uniwersytecki presents a proposal for locating new bicycle parking lots.

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