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Construction of the Widawa Interchange as part of the project entitled “Design and development of the Wrocław Highway Ring Road, Part 2 of the order : A8 Highway over the section from km 13+500.00 to km 18 +174.00 and from km 19+960.00 to km 28+368.75, S8 express way section from km 0+0.00 to km 00+500 in the Pawłowice Interchange and the Długołęka connection from km 0+575.00 to km 6+235.85”

Completion date: till Jan.31, 2011

Customer: Heilit + Werner Builders’ Co.Ltd

Construction of the Widawa Interchange will reduce the traffic on the traffic routes in Wrocław and will divert the transit traffic to the outskirts of town, will improve the traffic flow and road safety.

The S5 express way towards Poznań will be started from this interchange.


The scope of works includes:

·        Construction of a roundabout in the line of ul. Zmigrodzka and ul. Sułowska

·        Construction of two connecting sections linking the Wrocław Highway Ring Road with the roundabout under construction

·        Construction of ul.Polanowska

·        Redevelopment of ul.Zmigrodzka

·        Redevelopment of ul.Sułowska

·        Development of access roads

·        Construction of sidewalks and bicycle lanes