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Landfill cover systems

Sealing system Bickhardt-DOM


Bickhardt Bau developed and applied for patent for organic-mineral sealing system Bickhardt-DOM, an alternative to the conventional sealing system, compliant with the conditions concerning municipal waste and regulations concerning dumping grounds.

Bickhardt-DOM sealing system is free of the weaknesses typical for conventional systems and in addition, it offers significant price benefits to the user.

Bickhardt-DOM gives unfailing protection of the upper layers of dumping grounds, both against penetration of ground waters inside the dumping ground and at the same time against the release of hazardous materials from the areas below the sealing system.


The nominal thickness of Bickhardt-DOM system is 50 cm and it consists of the following components:

  • Mixed granularity or fine-grained soils composing the basic system material

  • Sludge,that creates a humidity buffer by means of its organic, mostly fibrous components and water bound in them through adsorption, and during creation of sealing prevents unwanted cracks in cases of water content variations. The fibrous organic substances also act as a reinforcing material, guaranteeing the elasticity of the sealing.

  • Ceramic sludge,that constitutes a substitute or supplementary material to the sludge, also functioning as a buffer regulating the water.

  • Sands containing bentonite / slag serving as reinforcing mass, increasing the abrasion resistance. Thanks to their application the permeability of the sealing mixture is reduced.

  • Water glass,that reinforces the sealing action and stabilizes the organic substances. Mixing the other components specified above with water leads to the formation of slag that reduces permeability and, as a consequence, stops the biological activity of the organic substances contained in the sludge. This prevents unwanted side-effects, such as gas formation and volume reduction during organic decomposition.

Reclamation system Bickhardt-TERRA





The Bickhardt-DOM system's formula is developed individually each time, considering the specificity of the individual application condition.

The Bickhardt-TERRA reclamation system is another product made with artificial substrate developed by Bickhardt Bau AG. The artificial substrate layer is founded at the depth of 0.3 - 1.0 m above the conventional sealing of the upper layers, providing conditions for relatively fast, maintenance free and at the same time long-lasting landscaping of the dumping ground. The optimum composition of the sowing material was developed in cooperation with the agricultural, horticultural and environmental service centres of Hesse and Dr. R. Neff.



Bickhardt Bau AG endeavours to create landfill sealing through the technically justified application of alternative building materials that meet the technical conditions concerning municipal waste and guarantee the protection of both environment and human beings. This economical solution, from the creation of a temporary surface sealing system after completion of the storage phase to the moment of the foundation of the final surface sealing, above all leads to prevention of permeating waters.