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Bickhardt Bau Polska is a company which thinks highly of its employees. These are the employees which contribute to company image. Therefore, BBP is open to people and every year it recruits new employees for various positions, closely related to our business activities.
Every year we provide a chance to students to undergo practical trainings in the field of road building engineering in order to become familiar with special features of this industry and to university graduates to gain their first professional experience as site engineer. The best students stay with us and continue their professional careers.
Apart from experienced pavers and building equipment operators we also employ young people who would like to work in these trades and we help them to gain experience and professional qualifications.
Apart from construction projects in the Lower Silesian Region, the company also carry out construction sites in Germany which creates opportunities for export jobs.

Site Manager


  • university graduate in this field
  • five-years’ experience  as site manager
  • building qualifications
  • self-reliance and responsibility at work
  • analytical thinking
  • very good organization of work
  • availability
  • knowledge of German language welcome



  • vocational or elementary education level
  • professional experience of at least two years
  • ability to lay granite, stone, concrete setts



  • vocational education level
  • professional experience of at least one year
  • qualifications for building equipment
  • driving license

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